Company, family

We are glad to experience that companies and businesses are more and more interested in events, where they can communicate their attention to the employees and can deliver thanks for their commitment. During the year hard work they hardly have opportunity the employee's private sector to become conspicuous, colleagues to get known each other and their folks better. This family-day is given a green light for all these.

This event's purpose is mainly recreation, relaxation, but takes effect to build a team as well.

The root of the matter is coming out from the workplace, leaving the monitors in the office, that why an outdoor program in the woods is the best for the moral.

What could be more near-natural than our Adventure Park in the Normafa woods?!

Every age can find a pleasure among our colourful and variegated programs. We emphasize movement, but do not forget about the event's purpose, that management, employees and their folks want to spend a pleasant day ad-libitum.

We can undertake to organize a family-day with maximum 500 people in our Adventure Park in full. More than this headcount our adventure park can be an optional supplement part of a bigger event.

For more information you can call +36 20/599-8501, or write to .

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