Log castle

It could be a popular supplementary part of a birthday party, a school trip or even a team building besides the individual rope courses, but it can come through on its own as well.

The log-castle is located on a 300 square meters territory.
The tunnel system under the castle makes even more exciting and adventurous this place.



An exciting time is guaranteed here in the bushy terrain above and the subterranean drain network below ground for children and adults alike.
Team members can play together, can run about, can chase each other, does not depend on age, sex, height (even 60 persons in one time).

Favourite games:

• Number-war is understandable for any age and enjoyable entertainment. To recall the rules and to assure the fairplay our animators will be liable for.
• The small ones can enjoy themselves here as well, like the big ones, because we organize other exciting games, like ball search, fox hunting.



We provide all the necessary accessories  (for example  4 or 2 digits headband, flag, balls).

For more information you can call +36 20/599-8501, or write to foglalas@kalandpalya.hu .



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