What does climbing ticket mean?


- 3 hours climbing according to body heights

- hiring charge of equipment

- assurance of correct use of personal safety equipment

- instruction at the practise course (it is required every time!)

- instruction and general supervision during the use of the individual courses

- rescue when it is needed

- accident insurance while the visitors stay on the premises, whether they be climbing the courses, or not

What does ground ticket mean?

To whom are not climbing, without a time limit, and also includes accident insurance.


What are the paying options?

- cash

- bank transfer for groups who paid deposit

- credit card

- SZÉP card OTP, K&H Bank, MKB

- Erzsébet voucher (child protection, present, sport, free time, dining)

Do you have any discount?

Yes, we do. Group discount is always available, and we have occasional discounts. They are published on our web site and our newsletter.


Do you have left-luggage possibility and how much it costs?

Yes, we do and it costs 200,- HUF/box and a pledge is needed.


Advance reservation is needed?

Reservation is only needed when group comes, individual visitor’s phone cannot be taken. We can give priority to groups with deposit paying in advance and for person with VIP ticket. It is practical to call and ask when we have less crowded time.


What should I wear, what should I bring?

Most important to wear closed-toed shoes with rigid soles such as sneakers or boots, comfortable clothing, that will not hold you back, allows freedom of movement. Do not wear thongs, toe shoes or other forms of slip on footwear. Your waist should be covered and body-piercings removed or taped over for comfort. Long hair must be tied back and jewellery removed. No cell phone, no camera, no jewellery (ring, arm-band, big earrings) should be worn. We do not have changing room, so it is practical to come in with the clothes you climb in.

Gloves are optional. You may bring your own gloves. If you forget, you may buy one pair of gloves from our staff before starting the activity.


Do we need prominently good physical condition to do the rope courses?

Anyone who has good medical conditions can come and make our activities. Previous experience is not needed, only general physical condition, desperation and adventurousness is. From 3 years old anyone can use the Adventure Park.

Pregnant women, people with mental or physical disabilities, heart problems, high blood pressure are not advised to try our activities.


Do the children need escort or they can go on their own?

Children whose palms are too small to use the carbine properly need help to do. Children who can belay on their own – so they use the carbines properly- can climb without according to body heights.


Do you have parking place?

On the territory of Adventure Park there is not parking place, de nearby anyone can park (by the roadside towards the park). The crossing gate on the road to our entrance is closed all day (request made by the Children’s Train). At Csillebérc Freetime-centre anyone can park for the charge 500 HUF/day.


What does happen when the weather turns bad (rain, storm)?

In case of lightning or heavy winds (order to visitors physical integrity), the park will close until conditions improve. In such an instance visitor’s time is still on, you can choose from the followings:

- In case the weather allows, can carry on and complete the courses later on.

- In case you do not want to wait you cannot receive any money back at the cashier’s desk.


Can a picnic be organised on the territory of the Adventure Park?

Anyone can organise a party or a picnic at the park for additional cost.


Do you have rope course instructors and what qualification they have?

Every participant receives a basic climber instruction and must go through the training course, where they meet teh technical equipment and the rules. Our team members have an appropriate exam, in order to can make the right decision in every time (high rope course operator and basic first aid course)



What does it happen when the park is full?

We won’t be able to give you exact information, when you can start, please balance whether you stay or come back another time. Weekends half an hour waiting can even happen, please be patience.

When an exclusive party is held at the park we inform everyone on our website in advance.


During an hour how many courses can be completed?

On average the small ones can complete 2-3 courses and on the high courses 1-2.


Why do we need to complete the training course every single time?

It is obligatory, because the instructors cannot remember everybody, so they will not know whether you have been at the park before. It is important to start the course with existent knowledge in order to retain their own and other’s safety.


If I filled up a “statement of responsibility” before, do I have to do it again?

Everyone has to fill up a "Statement of responsibility" form before using the rope courses every single time. It can be taken off from our web-site www.kalandpalya.com


Can the children go on every course?

Children can go on course according to their body height like the followings:

100 cm – 135 cm: yellow, orange, checked and if they belay the carbines pink, grey + small zip-line, dual

136 cm – 150 cm: yellow, orange, checked, pink, grey, gold, green, lilac1,lilac2, dual, big zip-line

above 151 cm: green, lilac1, lilac2, blue, turquoise, red, brown, racing, dual, big and giant zip-line, – sequentially.

Everyone must start on the easy courses and progressively, according to skill, body height and physical force can keep on severally.


Can I wear my own equipment?

While using our courses, you must use the harnesses and helmets we provide, we take responsibility only for them.


Can grown-ups use the low courses?

No they cannot, because the safety rope (with red sign) is much lower than on the high courses so it is uncomfortable and dangerous.


If I am skilful but I am under 135 cm, why I am not allowed on the high courses?

It is not up to skill but body height. Under 135cm tall, you will not be able to reach and belay to the safety rope line.


Why I am not allowed to go straight to the strongest courses?

It has several reasons. One of them is that muscles are not warm enough and accidents can happen easily.


What if I can't complete the course because I got tired or feel sick?

Not to worry, it does happen from time to time and you can be rescued and brought down safely at any point on the course. You just need to call on of the instructors loud. We do encourage everyone to finish it as often when people are brought down they want to get straight back up again!



How old and how heavy should I be?

You may try our low rope courses from 3 years old. For high rope circuit you must be minimum 135 cm tall. No weight limit we have.


Can I just watch ?

Yes of course you can, spectators are more than welcome.


Can I take pictures ?

You are welcome to take pictures of your company. Please also respect the privacy of the others in the park. We will be more than happy, if you share your pictures in Facebook or in Instagram



What if I fall off ?

Don't you worry, as long as you stay attached to the belay line above your head at all time, your fall is limited to 30-40 cm. You just dangle in the harness, that’s what they're there for! Then you can either get yourself back up or we can help you, it’s quite easy!


Can I smoke?

No. You won't be able to smoke whilst in your harness. Give your lungs this chance at least as you are in the middle of a green forest.


Are staff members on the course with me?

Course staff will be positioned throughout the courses that will assist you as needed. Similar to a lifeguard, we do not guide you through the whole course, but we will not leave you hanging when in need!


Are you open in the rain?

The only time we stop is when there is thunder and lightning. A little rain won’t hurt you! If you have any doubts whether or not we are open, give us a call.

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