Individual rope course

Individual rope courses are located on trees and between trees, they entertain, need skills to do them and have different levels. Participants get to one tree to the other by completing the different obstacle between, like Zip Lines, Burma Bridges, Tarzan Swing.

Individual rope courses are marked in a similar way to ski courses by colours, depending on their difficulty and height.

We have built these rope courses according to different heights of the participants. It is obligatory to use the proper height category course, to reach stably the safety rope line and belay from one obstacle to the next.


Individual rope course


„S” rope courses 100-135 cm: /yellow, orange, pink, checked, grey, dual,small zip line/
„M” rope courses 136-150 cm: /yellow, orange, pink, checked, grey, small zip line, green, lilac 1, lilac 2, gold, dual and big zip line/

„L” rope courses above 151 cm: /green, lilac 1, lilac 2, blue, turquoise, red, brown, racing, dual, big and giant zip line/


Dual Rope Course

We have built first in Hungary a dual rope course. Adults and children can use it together, testing their strength and skills. It is possible exclusively here that 2 persons are on the same obstacle same time, supporting and helping each other. Success and challenge are guaranteed!

Racing Rope Course

On this racing course 2 climbers test their strength one at a time, participants start the course opposite sense but they complete the same route so their achievement can be measured on demand. (time can be measured by their own independently)

To get ready for the individual rope courses is always same:

-Participants get special technical equipment (helmet, harness)

-Qualified animators lead them to the training course and show them how to use these equipments and how to complete properly the rope course.

-Following they can start the rope courses according to their heights, where they go by their own individually.

During the 3 hours period they can use any courses (according to their heights) any times.

Visitors with ground ticket can accompany the climbers under foot, can make photos and can encourage them before the stronger obstacles.

Our qualified staff supervise continuously the participant’s movements and help them when it is needed.

Training course is always obligatory!


When use of the courses is not proper and the rules heard at the practise course are not observed, the participant can be disqualified!

Technical equipment is specially developed to adventure parks, made by Petzl.

* -al jelölt mezők kitöltése kötelező