The Company

Our company, the Challenge Forever Ltd. was founded to build and to operate rope course adventure parks in Hungary and other European countries. Our technological background is guaranteed by a 10 years experience in France, where more than 400 parks successfully operate at the moment. Some of the founder members of the company have already personal experience in building and operating rope course parks. Company members were trained by our French partner, how to build obstacles that we have improved here in Hungary.

Persons who build the courses have professional past (highscaler, alpinist, mountaineer), that is close knitted to this activity. Steps before the building were helped by the French experience, that is improved by our own experience by now. To find the adequate territory, to assort the healthy trees, to make the rope course plan and to build the obsctacles are all served this aim.

The company enters indoor- and outdoor- , low- and high -rope course:

- to plan
- to get licenses
- to provide documentation that is needed for the operation
- to construct
- to service
- to operate
- to temporary operate as a part of a program combined by a climbing wall

The company is a member of ERCA (European Ropes Course Association).




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